During our introductory meeting (or conference call, for absentee investors), we will be discussing short and long term goals and preferred investment options.



  • How soon are you looking to retire or are you already retired?

  • Will you be self-managing rental properties or do you prefer professional management?

  • Are you looking for something more stable & conservative or something with higher margins but more potential for risk?

  • What short term and long term goals do you have for yourself and for your investment?



New investment options seem to pop-up everyday as our economic position continues to strengthen. What we do not tend to see occurring as often is the relevance in dynamic marketing or proper client introduction for these services. If everyone claims they are providing a top-tier opportunity or service, how do you vet out those that don't make the cut?


The answer is simple: Service.


Since founding the companies, Kurt has played an integral role in the development and success, along with the integration of international clientele and introduction to state-wide management. His approach and leadership abilities have led the companies to achieve unrivaled gratification from clients and increased profitability.



Our proven strategies emphasize sound investing in carefully researched properties that have steady, long-term growth and appreciation potential.



The WC Companies  serves as an umbrella organization for the WC portfolio of real estate firms. Our brand is  committed to recognizing and capitalizing on any opportunities available in the marketplace using the resources and experience of its principals. Sectors  include financing, real estate investment, management, and REIT components. Now, exploring investment opportunities has never been simpler.